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100% of teachers agree that Kyons helps students engage more actively in learning Math..
86% of students feel more confident with Math when experiencing it with Kyons.
85% of students notice an improvement in their Math scores when studying with Kyons.

Along with many positive responses after experiencing Kyons...

quote Kyons helped me realise I was struggling with derivative problems. After following Kyons' personalised learning path, my scores improved significantly.
Hamid A Million-View TikToker
quote Thanks to Kyons, I've improved my Math score from 7 to 10. Teachers in class explain things so quickly that I can't keep up, but with Kyons, after I complete an exercise, there's a detailed solution available that helps me correct my mistakes and remember better. Because of this, I've performed much better in exams.
Tống Phạm Phương Nghi Class 10.5 - Experimental High School, Ho Chi Minh City University of Education
quote Kyons has a feature I really like, which is the levels that range from easy to difficult, similar to ranking up in a game. This makes solving problems more exciting for me. And whenever I get a problem wrong, Kyons provides a detailed explanation along with a similar question so I can try to solve it again. No matter how many times I get it wrong, Kyons will keep offering questions until I get it right. This has taught me patience and attention to detail in my studies.
Bảo Ngọc 10A2 - Bắc Mê High School
quote After nearly a semester using Kyons, the students have made significant progress in Math. They've become more proactive in doing their exercises, can distinguish between different types of problems, and I can easily monitor their progress on Kyons. Kyons helps students understand their mistakes in exercises and motivates them to take more interest in learning Math. Thank you very much, Kyons.
Cô Thu Ngân Experimental High School, Ho Chi Minh City University of Education
quote Assigning and completing homework has become more manageable for both teachers and students thanks to Kyons. After spending some time with Kyons, the students have become more enthusiastic, active, and self-motivated in their studies. With a diverse range of adaptive exercises, students can work on tasks that match their abilities. Teachers can also monitor students' learning progress more closely and adjust their teaching methods accordingly to achieve the best results.
Cô Thuỳ Trang Teacher of Bắc Mê Highschool

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Frequent Asked Questions

Is Kyons compatible with my devices? (Laptop and phone)

You can use Kyons on both computers and smartphones, making it convenient for you to study Math anytime, anywhere, and flexibly manage your study time.

In which classes can I use Kyons to study Math?

Kyons is primarily designed for high school students, helping you improve your Math scores through a personalized learning path with AI support.

Can I try Kyons before deciding to purchase?

You can try Kyons' 1-month package for 69k and extend longer with 3 or 12-month packages when you want to use it longer.

Besides Math, what other subjects does Kyons cover?

Currently, Kyons focuses mainly on Math. In the near future, Kyons plans to expand to other subjects like English etc. Stay tuned for the latest updates from Kyons!

Can I share my Kyons account with friends?

With Kyons, you get a learning path tailored to your current abilities and goals. You'll be able to track your progress and efforts daily with Kyons. Therefore, Kyons discourages sharing your account with friends, as it could disrupt and misrepresent your results!