An effective tool to monitor student's learning progress

Kyons School is a generative self-learning platform for Math, provide teachers with solutions to effectively assigning and tracking student's progress in order to timely modify teaching methods. Contact for trial
Common problems

Why your teaching approach is not effective?

Assigned homework does not match an individual's ability
Hard to detect knowledge gaps of passive students
Homework amount is too large for weaker students


AI-generated questions

Each student will have different questions with the same theory to complete on their own.

Practice mode

Exercises and tests will be generated by AI based on individual's attainment level.

Test mode

Teachers can quickly create new tests with AI-powered question bank and track every student's result.

Study report

Every student has their own study report based on exercise progress, or knowledge gaps that need filling. Teachers, then, can support students timely.

Master Kyons School with 5 easy steps

Master Kyons School with <span class='text-darkTeal'>5 easy steps</span> Contact for trial

Well-proven results

> 25x Completed exercises compared to traditional approach per month
+ 35% Before and After Test
> 25 Questions in each study session
2 - 3 Incorrect concepts that are automatically processed
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